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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Guide to Big Dick Porn Stars (A to I) with Quotes

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Because of the size limitations here, this Guide is in 3 sections: Guide to Big Dick Porn Stars (A to I) (J to M) and (N to Z). Be sure to check out all 3. When you get to the bottom, click on "Older Post" on the right at the bottom to access another section. There is also an amateur monster cock video section. 

All Porn Stars lie about the size of their cocks. A rule of thumb (or is that cock?) that applies to all cock measurements posted on porn video cases: Just replace inches with centimeters to get the true measurement. I'm joking. If only it were that simple. The scientific way of measuring a cock is along the top from the base to the tip when it is erect, and that is the method used in this Guide.

A well known porn producer said that when it comes to cocks in porn the usual rule of thumb is: 7" = 9", 8" = 10" and 9" = 12". When asked about dicks above 10" he replied, "I've never seen one."

Approximately 90 percent of U.S. porn films are made in Los Angeles, almost all of them in the city's San Fernando Valley.

This Guide needs more entries, which takes time. If you would like to contribute something, especially cock size measurements, send it to me in a private message. If you notice any errors, please contact me. Some information I researched is probably incorrect. For example, with difficulty I found that Al Parker was 5' 10" tall. Then I clearly remembered that he was 5' 6" tall because of a remark a fan made to him. Email:

Ron Jeremy says, "A woman makes $100,000 to $250,000 at the end of the year. The average guy makes $40,000 a year." Gay male porn generally pays men much more than straight porn, which accounts for so many straight "gay for pay" porn actors in the industry.

Only Porn Stars with an endowment of at least 7 inches long are listed here. A few of them don't seem to have 7 inches. However, considering they typically claim to have 9 inches or more, and I have not measured them myself, I have given them the benefit of the doubt and included them.

Here is a free link to my series of "Supermonstercock Compilation Extravaganza" videos. They are clips of monster cocks in very long videos with great music. Click on bottom right to view videos Full Screen and turn up the volume:

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* Ace Harden is an American handsome hunky gay porn star who is 6 feet tall. There is a large tattoo on his left leg just below his cock. He claims to have a cut cock 12 inches long. No. Maybe 12 cm, it looks like 7 inches. He made movies from 1993 to 2005, and the titles include: "Hard To Swallow", "Ace in the Hole", "Ace in Your Face", "Sex-A-Holics", "Barnstorm", "More Than a Mouthful", "Cuming Attractions", "Like Father, Like Son", and "Under Covers".

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* Adam is a Russian porn actor and model. He appears in Bel Ami's "XL Files #3" and has the biggest cock: 10 inches long, uncut with big balls. Adam seems to be the only Bel Ami actor with hair on his chest and one of the few who is not a twink. He also uses the names Anton Adamos, Petri Kent, and Axel Cane. Adam has apparently retired from the porn industry.

* Aiden Shaw was born February 22, 1966 in Harrow, London, UK. He is 5' 10" tall and weighs 180 pounds. The British-born porn actor appeared in American porn movies aimed at a gay audience from 1992 to 2004. He has an uncut cock about 7 inches long, and worked for Falcon Studios, Catalina Video, Studio 2000, and Hothouse. Shaw retired when he became HIV-positive. In 1996 Shaw wrote his semi-autobiographical novel "Brutal". The same year The Bad Press released a collection of his poetry titled "If Language at the Same Time Shapes and Distorts Our Ideas and Emotions, How Do We Communicate Love?". Then came two novels: "Boundaries" and "Wasted". Next was his best selling autobiographical account of an eight-year period titled "My Undoing", a 260 page hardcover book describing his Irish-Catholic childhood, his HIV-status, and the near-fatal car accident that left him temporarily paralyzed. He has produced 2 music albums, and in 2006 Shaw completed an MA in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths University of London. His over 50 films include "Addiction" (1 & 2), "Grease Guns", "Wet and Wild", "The Backroom", "Disconnected", "Backdoor Studs", "More Catalina Studs", "Palm Springs Paradise", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", and "Roll in the Hay".

"I heard about safer sex and understood it, but disregarded it. Nothing felt as deeply right as having sex I was told not to, doing it in a way that was dangerous and knowing I could suffer because of it."

"I burst out laughing when I tested HIV-positive. I guess because the people who told me were so serious. Also, I was relieved, because once you've got it you can't catch it. I don't think I'm the kind of person who could get away with not being positive. I can't live like that--if I'd had to be vigilant up to this day, it would've killed me."

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* Al Parker was born Robert Okun Drew on June 25, 1952 in Natick, Massachusetts. His cut cock was over 7 inches long, although he claimed 9 inches and was known as "Pony Boy". Parker was actually semi-uncut, meaning he was cut but with skin stretching exercises had some foreskin. He was a gay American porn actor, producer, and director who founded Surge Studio and also marketed vacuum pumps (like all porn stars he used one). His father helped distribute Surge Studio videos. He was 5' 6" tall and this prompted one of his fans to remark, "You're short. No wonder your cock looks so big." Parker died in San Francisco of complications from AIDS on August 17, 1992 at the age of 40. An interesting fact is that he worked for Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion as a butler (and other duties befitting a hung stud) before entering the porn business. The best chapter of his biography "Clone" is about the Playboy closet. His gay porn films include "Overload", "Oversize Load", "Inches", "Turbo Charge", "High Tech" (he introduces this sexy vacuum pumping instruction video), "Oral Extravaganza", "Alone and in Heat", "Kinky Stuff", "Overload", "Top Performances", and "America's Sexiest Home Videos".

"When I watch a porn film, I just keep counting the people in it who are dead. Sometimes, and this is very eerie, I find myself wondering if, perhaps, I'm watching the very moment when they got sick."

* Ales Hanak (born July 7, 1977) is a pornographic actor from the Czech Republic who has appeared in porn movies targeted to gay males and bisexuals, as well as erotic photography. He is 6' 4" tall, and weighs 216 pounds. His attributes include his chiseled facial structure, sculpted physique, and his very big uncut cock, which is 8.6 inches (21.8 cm) long. His position is versatile, alternating between both top and bottom. Ales debuted in the porn industry in 1998. His films include "Lucky Lucas" and "Out at Last 2: Bonbons". Here is a free link to a video with Ales Hanak:

* Aleshandre is a good looking Brazillian porn actor appearing in gay films. He has a very thick uncut cock 9 to 10 inches long, and he appears in films such as "Big Dick Dudes of Brazil".

* Alexandre Frota (born October 14, 1964 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is an actor and model who became a pornographic actor. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Frota had regular appearence as an actor in Brazillian telenovelas (soap operas). His porn films include "Obsessao", "Sexo, Suor e Samba", and "Anal Total 10".
He has an uncut cock said to be 10 inches long. Here is a free link to an Alexandre Frota video:

* Alex Carrington is a pornographic actor who claims to have a 10 inch cock, but it is acutally 8 inches long. He has made over 70 gay and bi films, including "Inside of Me" and "In the Sweet Bi & Bi".

* Alfonzo (aka Alfozo, Alfonso) is a handsome white internet porn star in Germany. He has a great physique and an uncut cock about 9 inches long with overhang. It is obvious that he is a vacuum pumper, as are virtually all porn actors. He deleted his profile and videos from Xtube in 2009, and there's hardly a trace of him around these days. You can find some of his videos on MonsterCockLand. His video clips show little imagination or showmanship, but his sensible approach to pumping produced results that even anti-pumpers can admire.

* Andre Bolla was born in Seattle, Washington on May 4, 1957. He worked through the 1970's in various radio stations both in front of and behind the microphone eventually making his way to L.A. as a member of the Air Force. When his tour was up, he worked as a welder installing and repairing railroad tracks. His first porn film came shortly thereafter. He has appeared in 10 adult magazines, 84 adult videos and 42 mainstream films and TV programs. Most recently, Andre shot several adult films on location in Shinjuku, Japan. One of the hairiest black gay actors to ever appear before the camera, he is of Caribbean descent and versatile. His best role was as an aggressive bottom. He retired from the industry in the mid 2000's and entered the construction business. Bolla has also done extra work in "Seinfeld". Currently, he's doing massage work in Hollywood. He has a thick uncut cock about 7 ½ inches long. His gay porn films include: "Black Blowjobs 7", "Black Cherry", "Black Balls 2 & 3", "Hairassment 2", "Black Mouthfulls", "Harlem Knights Gang Bang", "Inter-Racial Interrogation", "Standing Invitation", "Black Attack 2", and "Black Brigade".
* andrei197920 is a horse hung exhibitionist on He claims to be age 32, straight, single, and lives in Paris, France. Andrei is very good looking with a great body, plus a beautiful uncut cock 9 to 10 inches long.

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* Antonio Biaggi is a gay Puerto Rican porn star from San Juan born June 10, 1978 who is 5' 10" tall, weighs 150 pounds, has a shaved head, and is of Italian and Spanish ancestry. He lost his virginity to a security officer at college and is known for his hot looks and massive uncut dick which is supposedly 10 or 11 inches long. It looks about 9 inches long. Biaggi has worked for Lucas Entertainment, SX Video, Spunk, Dark Alley Media, Gunz Blazing, Raging Stallion, and also on internet sites like Xtra Inches, Hairy Boyz, and Rear Stable. Antonio started in the industry doing magazine photo shoots in 2007 when he was 29. He loves fisting and has been featured doing that on Fisting Central. His 64 films include: "4th Floor", "Anoche", "Antonio Biaggi Bareback", "Bang It Out", "Big Bigger Biggest 1 & 2", "Biggest Raw Adventures", "Choke Full Throttle", "Hole Wrecker 3", "69 Loads", "Bang it Out", "Raw Impact", "Fuck Me Bare", "Coat Your Throat", and "Trouser Trout". Here is a free link to a
Antonio Biaggi video:
Here is a free link to Antonio Biaggi using a 2 stage vacuum pump:

"It is 11 x 6 inches. Uncut. In films I really enjoy doing a threesome. In real life, I am more of a one-on-one type of guy. Before working with Raging Stallion, I did magazine work. I've been in Inches, Freshman, Latin Inches and Honcho. I've always wanted to do porn. Ever since I was 18 years old. I've always had an interest in the adult industry. I like kissing. I am really into the leather scene and fisting. But mostly I love having my dick sucked. That's my favorite."

* Antonio Madiera (born in February 1981) is a gay pornographic actor from Los Angeles, United States (originally from Miami), who makes pornographic movies for a variety of gay porn studios. His films include "Down the Drain", "Ruffin' it", and "White Party Boiz". He has a 7 ½ inch cut cock.

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* Arpad Miklos is a gay hung Hungarian also known as Francois Kagylo. He was born in Budapest on September 11, 1967. Miklos is a muscular hunk, 6' 2" tall, weighs 240 pounds, and has a 10 inch (25 cm) uncut cock. He's a top in gay porn films, moved to the USA in 2004, has worked with most porn studios, and has a great reputation in the business. His films include "BuckleRoos", "Skuff II", and "Manhunt The Movie". He also works as an escort in NYC.

"I guess, I'd be doing the same thing as I had done before starting making movies and moving to the US. I'd probably be still a chemist. Well, I don't really know. Since I haven't been living in Hungary for 6 years I can't experience it. What I hear from my gay friends there, it's still quite difficult, however in a different way it used to be."

"Hell yeah! Although there are indisputable advantages in this country, the whole picture is not as rosy as it might seem to be from outside."

"I'm not a big TV watcher, but I love "Sex and the City". I have all seasons and I often watch different episodes and it gives me great fun each time."

"Being a porn actor doesn't necessarily means that one can really act... I don't think I'm an acting type, so, I can't see a real chance for that. Same applies to directing."

"I guess, I will do it as long as people are satisfied with me and want to see me."

"I roughly like man-type guys (over 30, hairy, well-built, etc.) but there are always exceptions."

"Four times. I consider being in love when you are so full of happiness by the other person that you don't feel tired after having been with him nights and slept 3 to 4 hours, and in the morning you have to go to work and perform but you know that after work you'll meet him again and everything continues the same way as it did the previous night. Oh, and I don't use any drug, so not that's why I don't need to sleep... Was I clear enough?"

"My partner fits the description above. He's 33, great body, handsome and very, very nice. As far as a wedding, it's only possible in 2 states in the US as of now. We haven't been thinking about it yet, though."

"Since I'm a very pragmatical person and I don't put unfeasible goals ahead me. Hence, I can't answer this question." (laughs)

* Ashton Ryan is an American gay pornographic actor born February 12, 1980 in Chicago, Illinois who makes pornographic movies, initially as an exclusive for Junior Studios. He is 6 feet tall with an 8 inch cut cock. His films include "The American Way" (1 & 2), "The Heartland", and "Absolutely Everybody".

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* Astarelikeyours was a very popular member of XTube on the internet. He was also known as Johnathan and has an uncut cock at least 9 inches long and many fans. There were no stats in his XTube profile and he planned to leave the internet website: "Why am I leaving? Nothing too personal. I have a life and xtube wasn't a significant part of it. Identity theft, pressure, threats and creeps were all a consequence of having an Xtube and I didn't really need all that. I'm still alive, healthy and happy, so thats all that matters." Earlier entries on XTube were: "I'm 21 and gay, from the UK. My taste in guys varies from young twinks to buff older hunks, so expect a variety. ... Another jerk off video. I'm a lot more vocal in this video (see, I do listen to you guys who message me!). Hope you all like it. For the record, I have two room mates who are always home, so that's why I put the TV on. To throw them off. I don't really care whats on TV when I'm jerking off. And yes, my dog is barking at one point in the video. Enjoy!" He is now on Cam4 occasionally. Here is a free link to an
Astarelikeyours video:

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* Bam (aka Virgil Cannon, Mr. Bigg, Mr. Biggz) is a 6 feet tall black porn actor with a large thick cut dick, at least 10 inches long, which he claims is 13 inches. He started in gay porn films, appearing in "Black Booty", Bam 2: Thug", "Hot Atlanta Nights", and others. Bam is no longer gay, no longer Bam. He is Mr. Biggz, a straight porn star with a 13 inch dick appearing in "Biggz Fucks Them All", "Monster Meat! #1", "Monster Meat #2", and others. There is a Bam dildo on the market, 13 inches long by 8 ½ inches around. Here is a free link to a Bam video:

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* Barrett Long is a handsome gay pornographic actor, director, model, and escort with a very thick uncut cock about 9 inches long, although there are claims that it is 11 inches. He began his career in 2003, is 6' 3" tall, weighs 198 pounds, and lives discreetly in Southern California. Lately, Barrett Long has been doing straight porn. His approximately 50 films include "What happens in Vegas", "XXX Amateur Hour" (1 to 7), and "Massive Cocks". Here is a free link to a Barrett long video:

"I like sex a lot which makes me a very sexually-driven person."

"I do escort. That's why I'm up for Escort with the Biggest Dick. I'm half English and half Clydesdale. In my free time I like to hang out at home. I'm like a homebody. I've got 3 dogs, they're all Dobermans. I live in Southern California, about 40 minutes from LA. I enjoy barbequing, cooking a good steak, and making hot porn. So go to and trust me you'll get off."

"I am sure that you will be very turned on and happy to hear that the 21st episode on is of my young and hung cousin Mick Long. Some of you might think that it is hot and some of you might think it wrong that I have my cousin showing off his Big Uncut Cock and showing what a thick load he can shoot. When you watch Mick Long you will see that he boasts a Huge resemblance of me in his length and girth. You may ask why I decided to use my cousin on the site. Answer: We were banging the same woman (yes I fuck women too) at the same time and I noticed that he was hung for fun and porn so I brought him on for a little show for the viewers."

"Barrett Long 11x7 uncut!!! A great guy with a great attitude. Call anytime for appt. 714-396-5324 Direct. Rates: varies"

"Extra Hung and full of cum. 11x7 cock. Discrete Bisexual Top, always safe and ready to have fun. From MILD to WILD, I am always ready to party with you. 26 y/o, 6' 3", 198 lbs., brown hair, Blue eyes. Athletic. Clean!!! I am available 24/7 and for travel. Discrete, open minded, naturally laid back and dominant, Bisexual, straight looking/acting/sounding. Fetishes wellcum!"

"Sexual interests: Oral, Fucking, Jerk Off, Group Sex, Voyeurism, Exhibition, Role Playing, Water Sports, Bondage & Discipline, Foot Fetish, watching Porn, Making Videos, S & M, Submissive, Domination, Sadomasochism, Vanilla."


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* Basti Winkler was born in 1983 in Hamburg, Germany. He is 6 feet tall (183 cm), has a punk look, and his uncut cock is about 8 inches long. Basti entered the porn industry in 2007 and his films include: "Cam Shooterz", "Fuck Me Like the Slut I Am", "Fucked and Pissed", "Hard Sex Drive", "Hung Berliners", "Nachspiel", and "Rush Hour". Here is a free link to a Basti Winkler video:

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* Ben Andrews is an American actor in gay pornography. He was born in 1985 in Cleveland, Ohio of Polish ancestry, is over 6 feet tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. His best feature is his massive uncut cock, reputed to be 11 inches long. It looks over 9 inches long. Ben says he got into porn because he hates the 9 to 5 routine and there is money to be made with a horsecock. He is into voyeurism and loves guys with a Mediterranean look. A big turn on for him is a guy with a nice tan and dark features. He also said he enjoys uncut guys. Turn offs include drugs, smokers, and bitches. He said, "I had this hot ass guy over my place a few weeks ago and he was being a bitch so I left him high and dry and went to sleep." Ben wants to become a fashion model and designer, and later on in life he wants a wife and kids! Sometimes he appears on and looks more handsome than he does in many of his videos with a very impressive cock. For a while he lived in L.A. during high school and now lives in NYC. He works mostly for Lucas Entertainment and his movies include: "Cock Cribs", "Wall Street", "Cockstalker", "Return to Fire Island Part 2", "Brothers' Reunion", "Michael Lucas' Auditions Vol 22", "Gigolo", "Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews", "The Intern", "Michael Lucas' The Bigger The Better", "La Dolce Vita, Parts 1 & 2", "Auditions Volume 12", "Auditions Volume 10", and "Encounters 3 - Flash Point". Here is a free link to a Ben Andrews video:

* Ben English (aka Derek Hay) is a straight British porn actor and founder/owner of LA Direct Models. He was born August 12, 1964 in Lincolnshire, UK as Derek Hay. English is 5' 9" tall, weighs 169 pounds, and has a 10 inch cock. Ben English performed in nearly 800 movies. Before founding the largest talent agency in L.A. in 2000, Ben worked as a stage manager in the UK for bands including The Rolling Stones. He retired around 2008, but has appeared in several movies, proving his retirement is not final yet. He appeared most lately in Digital Playground's "Top Guns" released March 8, 2011. His other films include "Last Girl Standing", "2 Dicks In 1 Chick #6", and "Erotica XXX Best of the Best Anal and DPs". Here is a free link to a Ben English video:


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 * Ben Fisher is a cute 24 year old gay British porn star who started on Cam4 with his thick 9 inch + uncut cock. He has posted a number of videos on YouTube about his thouhts about becoming a porn star.  Fisher is surprisingly mature and intelligent and wrote: "I produce, direct and distribute my own amateur porn videos online. I meet up with normal lads to have sex which I record and make available for you all to see."  His 2010 video "Sexaholics Anonymous" is available from Pacific Sun Studio. There was a straight porn star Ben Fisher in 1993, and there is a middle aged Ben Fisher who directs straight porn now. Here is a free link to Ben Fisher's X Tube photos and videos:
Here is a free link to a gay sex video: 
Here is a free link to his YouTube One Channel videos:

* Berto is a straight Latino who works as a gay porn star with a very thick uncut cock at least 10 inches long, with a slight curve. From the Bronx, Berto began his career in 2005 and has worked for Latino Fan Club and Big City Videos. He appears as a top in gay films such as "Cock Around the Clock". There is a large tattoo across his stomach with a stylized "Berto" (or something similar) name. The tattoo is a bit distracting because it's very difficult to read and looks more like "Humberto". His films include: "10 Angry Inches", "7 Boyz in a Bed", "All Over His Face", "Anaconda Bites Back", "Dick of Death: Return of the Anaconda", "Dick-A-Day", and "Thug Plug". Here is a free link to a Berto video:

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* Big Andy is a straight white man who has a few similar videos on the internet titled "Biggest Dick On The Internet". He is handsome, 25 years old and lives in Muchich, Germany. On XTube he uses the name "forearm604" ("I live in Los Angeles. Ladies from around here message me!") and has been a member for 5 years. Another website he is on is if you can read German. His uncut cock looks extremely long, relatively thin, and perfectly straight. The camera perspective, his position, flattering angles, and the way he sits makes it look longer than it is. This is common practice in amateur solo porn videos. In a cum shot video his cock does not look as long. Supposedly he admits to exaggerating its length. But there's no question that he does have a monster cock and estimates by others range from 9 to 12 inches long. He claims it is 26 cm by 5.5 cm. His XTube profile mentions that he enjoys: "Blindfolds, Breast and Nipple Clamps, Exhibitionism, Fisting, Gangbangs, Handcuffs and Shackles, Leather, Making Movies, Massage, Receiving Oral Sex, Rubber, PVC, Latex, Toys. Sometimes I really get into making home videos and pics." He's straight and women want thickness in a cock, not a long thin one, but I'm sure it's easy for him to find sex partners. His videos are all over the internet for free. Here is a free link to a Big Andy video clip:

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* "Biggest Monster Cock You've Ever Seen!" is a home video on the internet of an uncut monster cock that is probably the biggest you will ever see.
There are at least two videos of this monster. If anyone deserves to be a big dick porn star, he certainly does. He uses the name "Xxdotadoxx" on Cam4. He claims to be straight, age 33, lives in Brazil, and speaks Portuguese. When asked the length of his monster, he replied his cock is 27 cm long (10.6 inches). Also on Cam4 is "turk_yarragi" using the same video. He claims to be Turkish (with foreskin overhang?), age 22, height 9' 6" (!), and the many photos don't match the video or each other. His Facebook profile link is: Here is a free link to view the video:

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* BigLargeMatt is an amateur on with a very thick and veiny uncut cock that is 10 inches long (25 cm). He is British, 28, 5'11", straight, with brown hair and blue eyes. He likes cyber sex, oral sex, anal sex, and multiple partners. Big Large Matt has some free videos on the internet.

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* xBigPenx is a bisexual Spanish man on the internet whose webcam appearances on and elsewhere have been made available as video clips by his fans on the internet. One of his nick names is "Jeison". He is 26 years old, 5' 7" to 6' tall (?), weighs 190 to 205 pounds, and has a brown crew cut. On Xtube xBigPenx claims to be Spanish, straight, and his cock is 28 cm long. He has also been on for 3 years with the name bcjohnson. xBigpenx is husky ("athletic"), bearded, and has an extremely thick and very long uncut cock. You hardly ever see a big cock on a bear, but he has a monster! It is definitely over 10 inches long. He claims 11 inches. There is a tiny protuberance at the start of his frenulum just under his cock head that is a bit distracting at first. He does solo jerk off performances and displays how large his monster cock is by showing it is almost as thick and long as his forearm. He says, "Note that I won't get naked, I am not that kind. Cheerful people can always brighten my day." There is a rumor he is an escort.
Many of his videos are all over the internet. Here is a link to one of his videos:

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* Big Smoke is a black American porn star with a thick uncut dick over 10 inches long. He was born in Miami on November 16, 1986, is 6' 2" tall, weighs 170 pounds, and has been working in porn since 2007. Big Smoke has starred in "Big Black Jerkoff 3", "Holla Back Boy", "Hoodies, Boots and Jeans", "Pull My Hair", and "Take 'Em Down 3". Here is a free link to a Big Smoke video:

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* Bill Eld was a white gay porn star in New York City, in the business from 1974 until 1986. He was also billed as Big Bill Eld and Bill Young. Born in 1945 in Rochester, N.Y., he had a massive 10 inch long uncut cock and was a top. Most of his scenes are now available only on compilations. Bill Eld's gay porn films include: "Hand Spray", "Posing Strap", "Hand for a Star", "Reflections of Youth", "Good Hot Stuff", "A Night at the Adonis", "Sex Magic", "Strictly Forbidden", "Inside Bill Eld", "Pool Party", and "Workmen's Compensation". Bill Eld was a cocaine addict and is considered dead. Here is a free link to a Bill Eld video:

* Billy Brandt is the stage name of Jerry Jack Wardrop, born on April 9 1979 in Flint, Michigan. He is an American gay porn star mainly for Falcon Studios and Pacific Sun Entertainment. Brandt has a 7 inch cut cock. His films include "Aim to Please", "Down to Earth", and "Totally Billy".

* Billy Dee is a black American porn actor born on September 25, 1951. He appeared in straight adult films from 1978 - 1990. He is light skinned and can act white and pass as Hispanic. Some of his films are "Dirty Pictures", "Carnal Olympics", and "Flasher". He has a 7 inch dick.

* Billy Glide (aka Billy Glyde, Tad Nolen) is a well-endowed pornographic actor. He is 6' 2" tall, weighs 195 pounds, and his penis is said to be the thickest in the porn business among all Caucasian male porn stars. In 2003, porn starlet Amber Lynn claimed that Glide's cock was the largest she had encountered in her entire 20 year career in the porn industry. He is currently starring in movies for his production company Billy Glide's Adventures. His films include "Class Act", "Hercules", "Maliblu Blue", and "Thrust". Glide is a very good looking blue-eyed hunk with short hair, a winning smile and a big dick that is his main drawing card. He often wears sunglasses during sex scenes. His cock is 8 inches long.

* Billy Herrington is an American bisexual porn actor working in gay films. He was born July 14, 1969 in Long Island, NY. Herrington is 6' 1" tall, weighs 190 pounds, and has an 8 inch cut cock. His first son was born in 2002, he has been on TV shows, and performs a striptease act in gay clubs. His adult films include "9 ½ inches", "Body Shop", and "Ryker's Web".
* B. J. Slater (aka Kelly Slater) is a pornographic actor born July 21, 1965 in San Diego, California, He claims to have an 11 inch cut cock, but it is actually 9 inches long, or less. It looks no more than 7 inches. Slater is a 6 feet tall top who has done mainsteam theater work and was awarded the Gay Humanitarian Award for his AIDS work. His films inclue "Keeping Time", "Break In", and "Switch on Me".

* Blade Thompson was born Andreas Kube in Montana. He is a 5' 11" tall American porn star and movie director. According to one interview, his father was in the military and Blade lived in Germany for a few years as a youth. He appeared in gay and bisexual porn movies in the 1990's, and worked as a male prostitute. Blade Thompson wore a wig in his films. He disappeared from the scene in 2002 after getting into trouble with the law on charges related to stalking a woman. His films include "Behind the Barn Door", "Best of All II", "Driven Home", and "Drop 'em". Thompson has an uncut cock about 7 inches long, is versatile (top and bottom) and married in 1998. Here is a free link to a Blade Thompson video:

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* Blake Harper (born October 19, 1968 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada) is the stage name of Peter Tiefenback, a gay porn star. He began working in the porn industry in February 1998. He is 6 feet tall, weighs 180 pounds, and has a cut cock 7 inches long. Some of his films are "Aftershock 2", "Animus", "Ass Lick Alley", and "Chapters". He retired, and currently works as a nurse in a hospital.

* Blake Palmer is an American porn actor born on March 9, 1960. He is 5' 11" tall and weighs 185 pounds. Blake started his straight porn career in 1980 with his 7 inch cock, that is also 7 inches around. He has over a dozen aliases (Skip Canasi, Skip Laton, Donald Dork, Skip Robbins, Skip Stokely, Skip Stoke, Blair Higgins, Blake Edwards, Blair Higgins, Blake Hunter, Donald Pagen, Skip Layton) and has appeared in films such as "Hosed", "18 Candles", "Affair", and "Orgy Express".

* Bobby Blake was born Edgar Gaines on August 11, 1957 in Tennessee. He is a muscular bisexual stud, one of the best known black gay porn stars, with a shaved head, over 6 feet tall and he weighs 235 pounds. In the 1980's he moved to L.A. and worked as an erotic dancer. His first film was "Ebony Knights" and Blake appeared in over 100 movies playing aggressive and dominant top roles, one of the most prolific performers in gay porn. He retired from adult films in 2000 and became an ordained Christian minister. Blake now criticizes the industry as corrupt and advises young people not to enter it. He also opposes same sex marriage but believes in civil unions. In 2008 he published his book "My Life in Porn". His huge cut cock is supposedly 10 inches long, but looks more like 8 inches. His films include: "All the Sexy Cowboys", "Bi Bi Black", "Big Guns 2", "Big, Black & Beautiful", "Bigger and Better", "Black & Lethal", "Black Ballers", and many others.

"I started in 1998 and have done about 100 movies."

"I am a very physical, dominant, in-control individual. I’ve been asked how I created this character, but people don’t realize that this is me. This is what turns me on. A lot of people love that—they like to be manhandled. I’ve been on sets where I scare the hell out of people, and I have to warn them. I fucked someone once until he almost passed out."

"My turn-on is looking strong and powerful and evil and the most finest, and then looking a guy in the face and making him my bitch. Saying, "You are at my feet and you will do what I want you to do." Plus, I love ass. (laughs)"

* Bobby Madison was a good looking American pornographic actor who appeared in gay pornographic movies in the early 1980s. Also known as Brian Michaels, he retired in 1985 after the releases of "Brother Load" and "In Heat". His other films include "A Matter of Size", "Below the Belt", and "Big and Thick". He has a thick cock, about 7 ½ inches long.

* Bobby Vitale was born June 30, 1965 in Santa Monica, California of Mexican ancestry. He is 5' 7" tall and weighs 170 pounds, worked in the porn industry from 1995 to 2005, and directed two films in 2001. There is a tattoo of a coat of arms on his upper right arm. He also used the names Bobbie Vitale, Bobby Vitali, Bobby Vittali, and Jerry Ford. His cock is 7 to 8 inches long. As a straight porn actor he performed in over 418 titles, including with his wife Briana Banks. His films include: "Cumback Pussy 40", "Cybersex", "Daily Grind", "Daily Nudes", "Dancing In The Dark", "Debbie Does Iowa", "Deep Inside Jill Kelly", "Devon: The Lost Footage", "Erotic Visions", "Facade", and "Fast Forward". Here is a free link to a Bobby Vitale video:

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 * "Boy in Company C" is the title of a collection of photographs of a model in Blueboy gay magazine in the 1970's. This model appeared often in Blueboy, Him, In Touch, Mandate, Zipper, and Honcho magazines as well as gay calendars, but his name was not used. In one issue he is named "Ron" and his location is Chicago for the 1980 Blueboy calendar. He was a very handsome young blond with a great body and a beautiful uncut cock about 9 inches long. Unfortunately, he did not make any movies. After he disappeared from the porn scene he had a lot of exposure as a model in Marlborough cigarette ads. It was definitely him looking ruggedly handsome and obviously he had ambition in mainstream society as a model, which explains his anonymous porn magazine career.

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* Boz is a black American straight porn star who was born February 13, 1971. He is 5' 5" tall and weighs 130 pounds, and he has an enormous dick. His uncut dick is so huge he has numerous titles named in his honor. It's very thick and at least 10 inches long. Boz started performing in porn in 2003 at the age of 32, and his monster dick can be seen in more than 120 movies such as "The Best Of Boz", " Taking Boz", "Boz vs. Abominable Black Man", and "2 Big 2 Be True"(1 to 16). Here is a free link to a Boz video:

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* Brad Leatherwood is a gay black porn actor who worked in the industry primarily from 1987-1999. He was introduced by Falcon Studio in the 1970's as Big Ben, but retired after two movies, then made a comeback seven or eight years later under a new alias. Leatherwood has a huge and very long uncut dick about 10 inches long, one of the biggest. His movies include "Best of Blacks", "Duo #2", "Black Big Dick #11", "Black Magic White Heat", "Double Whammy", "The Big Standoff", and "The Rehearsal".

* Brad Patton was born Joel Mangs in Melbourne, Australia on August 7, 1972. He is a Dutch gay pornographic actor who performed as a top in gay pornographic movies. His films include "Hot Wired 2", "Drenched", "Man Made", and "Trunks 2". He spent most of his life in Sweden and currently lives in Amsterdam. Patton is also an award-winning figure skater. He retired from porn. He is 6 feet tall, weighs 190 pounds, and his uncut cock is 8 inches long.

"Having lived in 3 different countries with 3 different languages as a kid in school I had the opportunity to learn so much that my peers weren't able too. I believe it has given me a good understanding and a deeper tolerance for different cultures. And what could be more important than this in today’s world. Just look at the lack of understanding that we have right now for anybody who is different and who doesn’t think like us! My coming out was at age 22. My family moved back to Australia, again. But I remained in Sweden. 3 months after they moved I ended up on my first skating show in Mexico!! And for the first time, I could openly be myself; this was a wonderful time in my life, just coming out, and traveling around the world. What more could a young gay boy want! Amsterdam is like a big village, so gay life here isn’t everything that people expect it to be. However Holland is one of the most tolerant countries in the world, and gays have enjoyed many rights here for a number of years that you still do not have over in the US. But in recent years there has been a rise in hate crimes, largely coming from the Muslim community here, and it has angered and scared many people. But it is still a great place to live. There is no "gay ghetto" in Amsterdam, as the gay population is spread out all across the city. Which is good! Integration is a large step to acceptance. Cities like SF, and NY, with there gay villages, as fun as they are, I think it does a disservice to the gay community. We are segregating ourselves!"

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* Brad Stone is an American pornographic actor who appears in gay porn movies and gay porn magazines. His films include "The Best of Brad Stone", "Built Tough", and "Foul Play". He is a tanned, muscular top man known for his thick uncut dick, supposedly 11 inches long. It looks more like 8 or 9 inches. A dildo modeled on his cock has been produced that is 29.2 cm (11 ½ inches) long, and 5.1 cm (2 inches) in diameter. These dimensions probably exaggerate the actual size of his cock. Brad Stone wore a wig in his films. Here is a free link to a Brad Stone video:

* Brandon Iron (real name Brandon Hurdle) is a Canadian straight porn star and director working in California, making mostly gonzo films such as "Baker's Dozen", "I Love it Rough", and "Photographic Mammaries". He was born on July 14, 1968 in Alberta, is 5' 6" tall, which makes his 9 inch thick cock look even bigger. Here is a free link to a Brandon Iron video:

* Brandon Manilow is a Czech gay porn actor born January 5, 1983 in Brno, Czech Republic. He is about 6 feet tall, weighs 176 pounds, and has a 9 inch uncut cock. Manilow works exclusively for Bel Ami, and made his first appearance in "Personal Trainers 5" in 2002. Here is a free link to a Brandon Manilow video:

* Brenden Michael is an American gay pornographic actor from the US Midwest, who performs in pornographic movies for a number of gay porn studios, and appears in gay pornographic magazines. His films include "Every Poolboy's Dream", "Grad Nite Spunk Buddies", and "Wild Rangers 2". He is was born February 25, stands 5' 7" tall, and weighs 130 pounds. Michael is a top with an 8 inch cut cock.

* Bret Wolfe is an American porn star who appears in gay pornographic movies and was born in San Francisco, California on May 25, 1975. He is 5' 7" tall, weighs 135 pounds, and has an 8 inch uncut dick. His films include "Long Term Relationship", "Back Soon", and "Pornography: A Thriller".

"I don't wear underwear. I have been freeballin' for almost 10 years."

"One night three years ago I met porn star Chad Hunt (11x7) at a local bar. After a night of extremely amazing sex and impressing myself on Chad; he was incredibly impressed with the fact that I could take his endowment--3 times in one evening I might add. The following day I was introduced to Chi Chi LaRue the famous porn director. I started doing her website (Live and and got my first offer from MSR Studios. The rest is history."

"I am a total and complete bottom. I think I have topped twice in my life."

"I am in love with kissing. The passion of it all. I love the tease and the foreplay of it all. Get me worked up and I perform so much the better."

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* Brian Hawks was born November 27, 1959 in San Gabriel, California and was raised in Azusa, California. He was blond, 5' 7" tall and had a thick cut cock 7 to 8 inches long. Discovered by Nova Studios, he was versatile and also used the names Angel Damien, Shawn McIvan, Shawn Blakely, Brian Hawkes, Charles Michael Jourdan, Shaun McIvan, and David Anders--which is believed to be his real name. Hawks was a street-wise, tough-talking baby face who could handle himself in a crowd of drug dealers, pimps and criminals. He disappeared and supposedly died in an automobile accident, although this has never been confirmed. His films made for Nova, Jocks, Huge, and Catalina from 1982 to 1984 include: "Brian's Boys", "Lockerroom Fever", "Screamin' for Semen", "Big & Thick", "Dial S For Sex", "Fantasize", "Hot Numbers" (1 & 4), "The Bigger the Better", "Like a Horse", "Ramcharger", and "One Size Fits All". Here is a free link to a Brian Hawks video:

* Brian Pumper is a straight black American porn actor born April 23, 1981 in NYC. He started out in gay films because of the higher pay, but is not gay, so he now does only straight porn. His films include "5 on 1", "A2M 5", "Back to Black", and "Big Ass Show". Pumper is 5' 8" tall, weighs 184 pounds, and his cock is about 7 inches long. The name "Pumper" comes from his muscles.

* Buck Adams was born Charles S. Allen on November 15 , 1955, and died October 28, 2008. He was an American porn star and a porn director. He starred in numerous films during the 1980s. The Adult Video Network has awarded him three Best Actor Awards. He started as a bouncer and boxer, then made over 600 films, directing 80. Some titles are "Squirt", "2 of a Kind", and "Bordello". Adams was 5' 11" tall, had a 7 inch cut cock (he claimed 8 inches), and died of heart failure.

* Buck Jackson (aka Rufus Buck, Buck Horse Jackson) is a black porn star with a huge cock reputedly 10 inches long. He worked in porn from 1997 to 1998 and the films he made include: "Black Bi Sexuality", "Black Justice", "Bi Bi Black", "Bi Sex", "Black Bi Demand", "Latin Stories", "Lethal Weapon", and "Long Hard Night 1 & 2".

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* Buck Meadows was a Dutch gay porn star 6' 5" tall with brown eyes, brown hair, a swimmer's physique, and a thick uncut cock over 9 inches long. Some claim it is 11 inches when fully hard. He left the Netherlands for the USA where he made most of his movies as a Falcon exclusive from 1997 to 2001. Then he returned to his birthplace of Amsterdam and he has a boyfriend in Cologne. His boyfriend's cock is bigger than his. Nowadays he enjoys vacuum pumping his cock to make it gigantic. His gay porn films include: "Bounce", "The Rascal Joins the Wrestling Team", "Grope Therapy", "Hard to Hold", "Naval Escort", "Overnight Deliveries", "Steve Rambo's Wild West Adventure", "French Connections Part 1", "Hotel California", "In Deep: Miles to Go", "The Big Thrill", and "The Chosen". Here is a free link to a Buck Meadows video:

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* BulgeXXL is the gay internet star of website
Maxim Bulge Ukraine is 28, 5' 7" (170-172 cm) tall, weighs 115 lbs. (52 kg), and has short blond hair with "variable" eye color. He has a 10 inch cut monster cock. His favorite position is Top and he is turned on by exhibitionism. BulgeXXL seems to have over 100 videos on the internet, although there are only about 40 on Xtube. He has videos jerking off, pissing, fucking, getting blow jobs, and wears every kind of clothing imaginable: underwear, jock straps, bathing suits, leotards, jump suits, jeans, work clothes, uniforms, sports clothing, and so on. Often you can't see his face in the video, but you can always tell it's BulgeXXL by his distinctive monster cock. On XTube he wants money for his photos and videos. Here is a free link to a BulgeXXL video:

* Byron Long (born May 10, 1969) is a black American porn actor also known as Brian Long. He is one of the most prolific men in American pornography. Since his start in 1992, he has appeared in hundreds of pornographic movies, although it is unclear how many of these are original and how many are edited from previous titles. Some of his films are "31 Flavors", "AAA Club", "Baby Girl", "Bad Boyz", and "Bad Intentions". He is 6 feet tall and weighs 165 pounds. His cut dick is about 4 ½ inches flaccid, and his publicist claims it is 9 inches long erect. In an interview he said, "Size does not matter. It's quality that counts. I've never measured it. If I'm going to get at a girl, my dick size should never come up." Have you ever read such bullshit?

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* Calvin is a handsome mature black American man who lives in Memphis. Until recently he had half a dozen webcam videos all over the internet with mediocre video quality. Calvin has an extremely thick uncut dick that is over 10 inches long. Nice balls. There are some professionally shot photos, but there doesn't seem to be a commercial product for Calvin. Another porn star named Calvin is a tall young white twink with gray hair and an average size cut cock that is pumped. Gay porn star Calvin Knight is a blond beauty with a small cock. Chad Calvin is a gay Brazilian porn star, handsome with too many tattoos and an uncut 6 inch cock. Here is a free video clip of Calvin: 
Click on the bottom right for full screen.  Be sure the arrow for your mouse is below the bottom or you won't see all of his cock with full screen.

* Cameron Jackson is a Czech gay porn actor born Honza on February 16, 1986 in Decin, Czech Republic. He is 5' 10" tall, weighs 165 pounds, and has an 8 inch cock. Jackson is also known as Rich and basically retired in 2007. His films include "Cockpit Cum Boys", "Dream Ticket", "Wet Dream", and "Bareback Gym Buddies".

* Carlos Krystal is a straight South American porn actor known for his very long thick uncut cock and ability to produce very large amounts of cum due to a prostate disorder.
He didn't know it was abnormal until he began his career in the porn industry. Krystal was born Juan Carlos Rodriguez on October 1, 1960 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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* Carlos Morales was born Ivan Ortiz on August 13, 1968 in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to the USA in 1992. He is a well-built stud, 5' 11" tall, and has a thick cut cock 8 inches long. He both tops and bottoms, enjoys kink and won the 2002 Grabby award for best performer. Morales debuted in the mid 1990's with director Kristen Bjorn and has also appeared under the name Ricky Balboa. Music is a big passion and he has worked as a DJ and as a dancer. He has been on the covers of Unzipped, Torso, BlueBoy, Mandate, HX, Next, Men, and others. As a porn star, Morales has starred in over 70 adult videos, working with many of the top production companies in the insdustry: SX Video, MSR Video, Titan Media, Falcon, Raging Stallion, Mustang, Hot House, Rascal Video, Colt, Big Blue Productions, All Worlds, Studio 2000, and others. In 2002,his website was launched and received the award for Best Overall Porn Site on the Web from and was nominated for Best Porn Star Site of 2005 by The Cybersocket Web Awards. Also in 2002 he was selected Best Performer of the Year by Gay Chicago Magazine. He has been working on his own production line and released his feature "Carlos Morales: Exposed. Home Movies Vol 1". There are free videos of Carlos Morales on the internet. His gay porn films include: "Love of the Dick 6: Making it Last", "Raw Ass Fuckers 2", "Justice", "Barebacking with Carlos Morales", "Centurion Muscle", "Back in the Saddle", "Betrayed", "Branded", "Drenched Part 2", "Eager to Sleaze", "Fire Island Cruising" (3 & 4), "Staten Island Sex Cult", and many others.

"I just signed a contract with Raging Stallion, so I am an exclusive model now. I have never had a contract with any company before, so it’s kind of cool for me. Finally someone has realized my great talent and they want to make the most of it. The last non-porn job I had wasn’t a day job. I was a bartender. Before that, I worked in a chiropractor’s office helping out with the patients and dealing with the insurance companies. That part was awful, but are you getting the sense that all my jobs revolve around men? I worked for years as a go-go dancer in NYC, and you know bars close at 4:00 am here so I went to bed pretty late for a very long time, and even though I have tried to kick the habit, I am almost never out of bed before 11:00. I think I did some of my best work ever in "Branded". I had three scenes and I think all three are great. Of the more recent ones, my scene with Ivan Andros in "Passport to Paradise" is very hot. I think that one will be remembered for a long time. I have done everything for the camera. There is one thing I still want to do, though, I would like to be in a bisexual movie with a girl and a guy. I think that would be hot. I like the daddy types like Anthony Gallo, from a few years ago, and Jordan Rivers, who actually stopped doing gay porn and only does straight porn now. He is probably my all time favorite. Oh, and Aidan Shaw. He is a doll. I am very exited about the new direction Raging Stallion is taking and look out because we are stepping out of the big dark room! Besides that, my website, of course (, which is now open in Spanish for the big Latin market and has many new features on the members area that you won’t want to miss. So check it out!"

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* Casey Wood (aka Josh, Barrett Foss) is an American gay porn actor born on May 7, 1985 in Enumclaw, Washington. He is 5' 8" tall, weighs 145 pounds, and has a cut cock 9 to 10 inches long. Now he lives in San Diego, California. At first his hair was curly blond, and now it is dark. His porn career started in 2006 and his films include: "Twink Time", "Active Duty Barebackin' Heroes 2", "Banging Boys Bareback 2", "Bare Bottom Jizzers", "Fucking Twinks", "Gay Twin Sex: Just the Sex", "Lord Of The Boyz", "Palm Springs Sluts", "Pool Boy Fantasies", "Spunk Junkies", and "Riding the Big Wave". Here is a link to a Casey Wood video:

"I've been modeling for over 4 years now and still love it. I have worked for a few studios now, and have about 30 DVDs out."

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* Castro (aka Supreme, Castro Supreme, Castro Caliente) is a black American porn actor who performs in straight and gay films. He was born in Virginia in 1978, is 5' 6" tall, and weighs 146 pounds. His cut curved dick is at least 10 inches long, and he claims it is 11 inches. It's very thick and he is obviously a pumper. He started out in 2002 calling himself Castro, changed it to Supreme, and is often referred to as Castro Supreme. His films include "Love of the Dick" (1 to 6), "The Show #2", "Filthy Monster Cocks" (1 & 3), "Castro Reloaded", and "Castro: Behind the Photo Shoot". Here is a free link to a Castro video:

"I was born in Virginia. I move around a lot between Miami, South Carolina and New York. I'm now making trips to LA as well."

"My first film was called "Castro 1" (Cocoboyz, 2002). I started in the adult biz in Chicago. My personal favorite is "The Show" (part 1 and part 2). They won Best Ethnic Video at the GAYVN Awards this year and I'm very proud of them as a body of work."

"I started out as Castro when I was making movies in Chicago. When I moved to New York and joined the Pitbull family I wanted to change my name since I was starting a new career. That's when I switched to Supreme."

(on being a bottom again) "Never say never. I don't know--depends on the role and who the top is. Both "Take 'em Down" and "Take 'em Down 2" have become best-selling DVDs for Pitbull, so I guess there are a lot of my fans out there who really liked seeing me bottom!"

(preparation of partner) "He has to be open and willing to engage in some real fucking. There have been a few times when it didn't work out and the bottom was just too tight. But most of the time when I open them up they wind up begging for more!"

"I'm pretty laid back when I'm not working. I'm in the gym every day no matter what. Working out is like a religion to me. When I’m not working, I like to hang with friends, play video games, go to movies and concerts, stuff like that."

"I'm getting ready to start a new series of movies for Pitbull, something entirely new that I can't divulge yet. And my last "Love of the Dick Vol. 6" movie will be in stores in October."

(dream film) "I would cast Carlos Morales again. He's the best bottom I've ever worked with. You'll see us together in "Love of the Dick 6". He is very inventive, very receptive, very affectionate, just a great bottom--and he can take all of my dick! I'd have us meet on the beach in Jamaica, hit the ocean and start fooling around in the water, then move back to the beach and get down on a huge beach blanket under the hot, burning sun."

"Hello and welcome to the official myspace page of Castro Supreme. For the people who don't know me well, let me start by saying that I'm a bisexual porn star. I've made movies with the most wonderful women and the most outstanding guys. Well that's all. If you have any more questions please feel free to write me a message or a comment. Thank you."

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* Chad Donovan is a gay American porn actor and director who was born in Ohio in 1972. He is 5' 9" tall, weighs 140 pounds, and has a cock about 8 inches long. Chad got his stage name because he has a cock similar to Chad Douglas, and resembles Casey Donovan. His films include "Open House", Picture Perfect", and "Workin' Stiff". Now retired, he occasionaly appears in non sexual roles.

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* Chad Douglas was an American porn actor working as a top in gay porn films in the 1980's. He is 5' 10" tall and was born in 1957. Of
Puerto Rican descent, he performed in porn as a "white". His cut cock is extremely thick and wide, about 9 inches long. Some of his on screen fucking is athletic and acrobatic. No other porn star had his graceful skills for fucking in unusual positions. Douglas worked for Falcon Studios, then disappeared in the late 1980's, and supposedly died in 1999 in obscurity of AIDS. However, in 2002 an interview in a gay magazine suggested he is still with us. His films include "Spring Break", "Big Guns", and "Below the Belt". Here is a free link to a Chad Douglas video:

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* Chad Hunt was born in Wadsworth, Ohio on January 31, 1974. He is 5' 10" tall and weighs 150 pounds. Hunt was married for several years to his high school sweetheart and they had a child before divorcing. He's also a Social Studies and Education major. Hunt is a gay porn star who performs in porn movies and has appeared 6 times on the cover of Inches magazine, a gay porn magazine that focuses on men with extra-large dicks. He has also appeared on the cover of Badpuppy, Jock, Honcho, All Man and Unzipped magazines. Many of his feature films are also large cock-oriented, with titles such as "Giant" and "Monster Meat". Said to have the largest cock in NYC, he relocated to sunny California ... swimming pools, movie stars, porn studios. Now he is back in New York City. The strictly top Hunt made his final film "Endgame" as a bottom to tops Cort Donovan, Nash Lawler, and Phoenix Saint. He retired from the industry at the end of 2008. His very thick cut cock is at least 10 inches long. His gay porn films include: "Endgame", "Mug Shots", "Cruisin' Grounds", "Big Dick Society", "Trouser Trout", "Drifter", "Hustle and Cruise", "Link: The Evolution", and "The Bigger the Better". Here is a link to a free Chad Hunt video:

"Oh, about 10 x 7 cut. Usually in this business you use your best asset, so that is what I am known for. I wish it were otherwise. I wish it were because I was hot!" (laughs)

"I always thought I had a small one. I was a late bloomer. I was 16 and hadn't gone through puberty yet. People made fun of me. I used to lie in bed and pray for a big one. Then when I was 17, I grew and grew. It worked!"

(on being recognized) "It's not embarrassing. I've never been you know ashamed of what I do. Sometimes it's a little uncomfortable when I'm walking down the street with my mom and 14 year-old son and someone stops me because they don't think a porn star should have a child. Being recognized is nice but it can be uncomfortable at times."

"Yes, John Rutherford of Falcon asked me to do a dildo. We just signed the contracts. Well, my dick goes in a tube, and I have to stay hard for five minutes while they pour casting material over it. I may have to do Viagra for that one." (Laughs)

"You know I have definitely never used my dildo on myself or my own partners, but I have used it on people and they seemed to enjoy it."

"Ever since I was young, I found that guys always want to give me money--whether it was for dancing or escorting or whatever. So when I met Michael Lucas through the photographer Chuck in New York, it seemed like a good way for me to make money."

"The first day I went and took a shower and got naked. The whole locker room turned to me and one guy said, 'What did your mom do, fuck a donkey?'"

"I was a certified preschool teacher. Chad is a name I always used for dancing. And for a last name, I tried to think of one that could be used in a title, in case I became a big star--like Hunting for the Perfect Fit or something. Because not many people can take my dick."

"That would be with Anthony Ferrat in "Fire Island Cruising", when I gave him a beer bottle douche and he squirted it back on me. Well, I could tell you about a time in the "Ramble in Central Park" with my boyfriend, Kevin, and another guy." (Laughs)

"I like Enrico Vega. He’s easy to work with. I love to get good head and eat ass. Yeah, but I don't know what to expect. I hear it can get pretty wild there."

"Well, I'd like to milk this porn thing while I am still considered good eye candy. I wouldn't want to be a schmuck and keep doing this when no one wants to see me. But before that, I'd like to do as many movies as possible. Just to have that thrill. Then I’d like to go back to school. Nah, I like Puerto Ricans, Latins, banjee boys. You just can't get that in L.A."

"'Endgame' is certainly I feel the pinnacle of my work. It's usually hard when you are a free agent like I am. A free agent is a model who is isn't an exclusive with any company. And usually when you're a free agent you're just an extra in the movie or you're not the main focal point. In this movie I'm actually the focal point. It's all about me. I have several scenes in it and actually get to show my acting ability. I was quite pleased with how it turned out."

"I'm usually the bad guy. I'm never really the nice and good guy in my videos. In "Endgame" I'm dying and alone. I never bottomed on video, simply because I kept that part of me private and kept it for people I was in a relationship with. Since this was probably going to be my last video, I decided I wanted to give my fans something new, something they had never seen before. I would have to say I prefer to top in my videos and not bottom."

Age: 27
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Ethnicity: European Descent
Orientation: Gay
Position: Top
Endowment: Extra Large Cut
Body Type: Swimmer's Build
Main Location: New York
Rates: Please email

Phone: (917) 806-6079

"You've seen my Movies. I'm the guy with the all around Biggest Cock in the Porn Industry today. Turn your fantasy into reality and have me for a hour, day, weekend, or even a week. I'm totally down to earth and low maintenance. Discretion is always assured. Many High Profile clients count on me for that. Can fill a wide range of types. If you want me as a nasty leather man I can supply, Boy-next-door no problem, even a GQ man in a Dolce and Gabanna suit I have it covered. Don't waste your time on all those demanding loser types go for something real and exactly what you need. ME!"

* Chase Hunter was born in the American midwest on May 16 and made gay porn films off and on from 1993 to 2006. He is 6 feet tall and has a cut cock 7 inches long that is promoted as "a 9-inch veiny cut cock". Chase is a gay top who entered the business starring in his first movie "Basic Plumbing" with his then long term partner porn actor Tony Di Angelo. The film won him a Best Newcomer award in 1993. There are free Chase Hunter videos on the internet, as well as his films from Falcon and Colt studios. His gay porn films include: "Having Fun", "Tommy's Tale", "Drenched Part 1 & 2", "Reload", "Download", "Riptide!", "Break Away", "The Chase Is On", "Basic Plumbing", "Hold Me Again", and "House Rules".

* Chico Jones Jr. is a good looking young black man with a thick uncut 9 to 10 inch dick. He is 22 years old and lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota. His MySpace profile mentions, "I'm doing my thing. I just moved to Minnesota. I'm ready to meet some new people and party my ass off. Holler at your boi." He would like to meet "Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Jay Z, and every pornstar." His videos are available all over the internet, including Latin Men Society and Monstercockland. Here is a free link to a Chico Jones video clip:

* Chris Charming is a straight porn star also known as Chris C., Chris D., Cris Charming, Chris Ditman, Chris Dittman, Chris, Chris Carming. He was born January 29, 1959 and is 5' 10" with an 8 inch cut cock. Born and raised in Germany, Chris entered the adult entertainment industry in 1996 as a performer. He had worked with many well-established German production companies and later the European market. Chris has worked with many well-known directors such as Christopher Clark, Rocco, Luca Damiano, and Mark Dosell. He was nominated several times as Best Actor in Germany and Belgium. Previously he had won his first award as the Best Newcomer in Berlin. In 1998 and again in 2005 he directed porn movies. In 2007 he won an award for the "Best Group Sex Scene-Video" in Las Vegas.

* Chris Stone (Born August 9 1968 in Costa Rica), also known as Bobby Vega is a Hispanic-American pornographic actor who appears in pornographic films and gay pornographic magazines. He is one of the most prolific gay porn stars and his films include "Bonus Pay", "Every Inch of Him", and "Aim to Please". Stone is 5' 7" tall, weighs 160 pounds, and has an 8 inch uncut dick.

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* Chris Cox is a Cuban gay porn star born in 1986. He is 5' 11" (180 cm) tall and weighs 140 pounds (64 kg). Cox has a cut cock at least 9 inches long and is versatile. There is a different porn star named Christopher Cox. The gay films of Chris Cox include "School of Hard Cox", Aiden Lane & Chris Cox", "Chris Cox & Tyler West", "Chris Cox & Valentin Petrov", and "Chris Cox, Cris Love & Steven Ponce". Here is a free link to a Chris Cox video:

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* Chris Strokes was born
on November 27, 1985 and is 6" 3" tall and weighs 200 pounds. He is a straight handsome former lumberjack with a very thick and veiny cut cock about 9 inches long. He claims it is 10 inches. Tattoos include "Criss" on his right shoulder; "Chandler" on his left shoulder; text on his left bicep, a cross on his lower left arm and the left side of his chest. Strokes started in the business in 2006 and is also known as Chriss Strokes, Cris Strokes, Chris Holmes, and Braden. He has also been on Corbin Fisher as Braden and College Dudes 24/7 as Chriss. Usually he does solos or fucks women, but has had blow jobs and he is bi. His films include: "8 Simple Rules 3", "Anal Chaos", "Monster Meat 13", "Absolute Amateurs 3", "All Reality Gang Bang 3", "Teens Like it Big 1", "I Only Drop for Big Cocks", "I Screwed the Pizza Guy 4", "I'm Young, Dumb And Thirsty For Cum 1 to 3", "Keepin' It Fresh 2, 3, 5, 5), "Invasian 4", and "King Dong 3". Here is a free link to a Chris Strokes video:
* Christian Owen is a gay porn actor, mostly a top. He is 5' 8" tall, weighs 140 pounds, and has a cut cock 8 inches long and 5 inches around. Owen's films include "California Gold", "Sunny Delights", and "The F Word".

"Hi, I'm Christian Owen and I'm 25. I got off last night before I went to bed. The dogs watched me. Kinda boring, though."
* Clay Maverick is an American gay porn actor born in July 1976. He is 6 feet tall, weighs 200 pounds, and has a 9 inch cut cock. His films include "The Big Shot", "Twisted", and "White Trash". After making "West Hollywood Hope" in 1998, he retired, but returned with a more chiseled physique.

"The guy asked if I would be interested in jerking off. He said I would get paid $1,500. I figured I would be jerking off anyway, so I agreed!"

"I just needed a break. Doing porn hadn't really changed my life. None of my friends really cared that I had done it. I needed the money."

"It's good to be back. Doing a scene is such a turn-on. It's hot. It was especially fun making "White Trash". Director Tony Alizzi was great. He let me do my own thing, yet everything was very professional and organized. I like that on a shoot."

"You can't watch yourself screw. It's too creepy! When you do it for work, it loses its appeal. When you go to school and travel and dance on the weekends, it's kinda hard to find the time for a relationship.”

"Performing live is the most fun ever. You get up there and get to be a rock star for a night. And the fans are great. It's always a shock to me that they know who I am."

"I have no idea how the studios market me. I know that they never make me smile, though. So I guess you could say that I'm a tough guy."

* Cody Foster (born circa 1973) was an American pornographic actor who appeared in heterosexual, bisexual and gay porn movies and magazines. His films include "The Best of Cody Foster", "Basic Plumbing", and "Grease Guns". Big hair, big muscles, and a big cut dick 7 ½ or 8 inches long. He died in January 2007 from liver cancer.

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* Cody James (aka "Keilbasa" Cody, Cody)
is a handsome gay pornographic actor who is 6' tall with blond hair. He has a very long and thick cut cock, with a slight curve. It's at least 10 inches long--12 inches according to the publicity--and reaches several inches above his navel. He was active in movies from 1989 until 2001 as a top. James has appeared in films such as "Giants", Giants 3", "Dirty Pictures", "Gang Bang Alley", "The Hollywood Kid", "The Naked Prey", "Take Me Home", "Size Queens", "Monster Cocks", and "Big As They Come"--which correctly suggest he has a very huge dick.

* Colby Taylor (born April 24 1973, Colorado, USA) is a versatile gay porn star who appears in porn movies. He was considered a twink then became versatile, and was at one time romantically linked to Dean Phoenix with whom he appeared in the 2000 movie "Out of Athens". His other films include "Blur", "The Big Thrill", and "Chasers". Taylor is said to be "very hung" with a cut cock 8 inches long, and stands 5' 10 " tall. He made his debut in the late 1990's, then returned to the business with a beard in 2005 after a three-year break from the industry. Colby Taylor remains one of the most popular of all the Falcon stars.

* Cole Carpenter (real name: Jim Erickson), born in 1957, is a retired American porn model and pornographic actor from the mid 1980s. Generally attractive, muscular and hairy, Carpenter was in his late 20s when he entered the porn industry. His films include "Tyger Tales", "Young Cum Pumpers", and "Best Bi Far #2". He is 5' 10" or 178 cm tall with a 9 inch or 23 cm circumcised cock.

* Cole Youngblood was an American pornographic actor in gay films. He was born December 5, 1972 and retired from porn in 2000. A stocky, muscular top, he was known for his copious ejaculations and love of rimming. His films include "Coup de Soleil", "Download", and "Studio Tricks". He is 5' 11" tall with a 9 inch cut dick, which he claims is 10 inches. Youngblood now works as a paramedic.
"Just put a nice tight ass in my face and I'm ready to go and lick!"

* Cuban Superman (aka "Samson"): was a Cuban sex performer in the late 1940's and through most of the 1950's until Fidel Castro shut down the hotels and most of the night life in Havana.  He was a performer, actually THE most famous performer at the live sex shows that were prevalent in Havana at that time.  The story of him was briefly mentioned in the scene in the movie "The Godfather II" when Michael Corleone and others are taken to an underground live sex show by Michal's brother Fredo.  The Cuban Superman was mentioned and the show is very brief in the movie.  The significance in the movie is that it was a mention of an authentic nightlife act that was written in as part of the book from whence the movie came.  The grainy photo here of the Cuban Superman shows him with a flaccid cock, not even semi erect, with his foreskin completely covering the cock head.  He was married with a couple of mistresses and also sexually promiscuous.  His wife did not mind him fucking others because it was his job and she got all she needed, and was herself a size queen."
* CutlerX is a gay black porn star born in 1974, who is 5' 6" tall and weighs 180 pounds. He has a fit lean body and a thick uncut monster dick. In his mostly interracial films he fucks boys, older guys, slim bottoms, jocks, and huge bodybuilder Attila, who asked CutlerX to fuck him hard. He has been working in porn since 2004, often for the German amateur site CutlerX also escorts when in Seattle. Some internet only scenes include: "CutlerX and Ruben", "CutlerX and Philipp", CutlerX and Frederik Berlin", "CutlerX and Jesco", and "CutlerX and Nils Jacobson". Here is a free link to a CutlerX video:
Here is another free link to a CutlerX video:

* Damien is a young good looking "blond Latino" with a thick uncut cock about 9 inches long. He is supposedly a graduate of the Port Authority College of Liberal Arts. There are many of his videos on the internet.

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* Dan Parks is a gay and bi pornographic actor from Minnesota who made films from 1984 to 1996. He also used the name Danny Parks. His height is 5' 11" and he was born in 1966. He has a thick 9 or 10 inch cut cock, which was claimed to be 11 inches. Later in his career he made straight porn videos using the name Mark (Marc) Jennings. His films include "All American Boy", Best Friends", "Winners", "Frat House Memories", "Tough Competition", "Hot Male Mechanics", and "Route 69".

* Danny Mountain (aka Danny Boy) is an English straight porn star who was born July, 1984. He is 5' 11" tall, weighs 145 pounds, and has an uncut cock that is 7 or 8 inches long. It is impressive in some videos, but not in all. His solo jerk off video is an example of the latter. Danny has the tattoos "DM" between his shoulder blades, a large crucifix on his back with an adjacent "DM", and "Sylvi" on his right pec. From 2007 to 2009 porn star Eva Angelina was his wife and mother to his daughter Silvi. Before entering the porn industry, he was a carpenter. He started his porn career at the age of 19 and has worked with Elegant Angel, Wicked Pictures, UKNakedMen, Digital Playground, Penthouse, New Sensations, Brazzers and other Adult Films production companies. His films include: "Octopussy", "1 on 1 2", "2 Chicks Same Time 3, 5 & 8", "40 Inch Plus 9", "8th Street Latinas 9", "Alektra Fied", "Like Father Like Son", "Sexy Seductive Housewives", "Adventures in Sex", and "My Wife & My Mistress".

* Darren James was a black American pornographic actor until he became infected with HIV in 2004. His real name is Darren Keith Edwards. Among his over 250 films are "Cream on My Black Pop", "Skin Gang", and "Insertion City". Now he directs. He was born in Detroit in 1964, and is well endowed, muscular, with average looks. Here is a free link to a Darren James video:

(asked about the 2004 HIV epidemic) "I don't want to talk to the press. They've done enough damage already."

* Darryl "Monster" Edwards was a straight porn actor with a cock 9 inches long and 7 inches around. He appeared in films such as "Charlie's Girls", "Kum Clean, "Tower of Power", then disappeared or faded away.

* Darryl Harris (aka Darrel Harris, Danny Harris, Dandy Harris) is a black American gay porn actor born on October 1, 1964. He claims his dick is 10 ½ inches long. He worked in porn from 1988 to 2000 and has appeared in "Soul and Salsa 1 & 2", "Brothas Gettin' Down", "Black Blowjobs #7", "Black in Demand" and "Pitch Black". Here is a free link to a Darryl Harris video:

* Dave Wells (aka Lee Francis) was an English straight porn actor from 1992-2001. He has a thick uncut veiny 7 inch cock. His films include "Euro Bimbette", "Inseminator" (1 & 2), and "Lusting London Style". He now works as a director, producer, photographer, cameraman and writer for many of the leading adult entertainment companies. To hire him as a cameraman phone 0778 989 5428.

"Yep, I worried about shooting me load too soon, etc. So just before I went, I had a quick wank, and then I was fine. Rock hard all the way, popping on cue, couldn't have been any better really. Girl wasn't fantastic but OK. Well, I look back now and realize that they were great days, indeed. Traveling around getting paid to fuck pretty girls who you've just been introduced to--no romance, chocolates, flowers or fuck all. And money was brill."

"Yeah, that was the problem always. You could work every day for a couple of weeks and then nothing for a couple of months. There weren't many doing hard core back then because of the grey area of it's legalness. That's why I didn't do as many as most. I never ever put myself in a position where I might fail and I never did. Girls that show some kind of affection are the best. Otherwise a big pair of tits usually worked for me."

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* David Ashfield (aka Billy Joe Evans) was a gay porn star from 1982 until 1998. He was one of the most prolific "stunt cocks" in gay porn videos. When you saw a gay sex scene in a video, chances were that the dick you saw secretly belonged to David Ashfield. He was always a top (although he started as a bottom in Falcon loops) and could play a nerd who strips to reveal a killer body and a thick cut cock about 7 ½ inches long. Ashfield was one of the biggest names of 1980's porn, making dozens of movies and appearing in plenty more as a stunt dick. He was slim, born in 1960, and was famous for big cumshots. He's now retired from the industry. Unfortunately, many of his performances were captured in low-quality video which is grainy, fuzzy and cheap looking. David Ashfield's gay porn films include: "Ass Masters and Commanders", "Below the Belt", "Best Friends II", "Butt Stuffers", "Campus Jocks", "Delivery Boys", "Firsts", "Freshman", "Santa Monica Boulevard", "In Hot Pursuit", "Mantalk", and "Secret Action Man".

* Dean Phoenix (born April 25, 1974 in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico) is a gay pornographic actor. An uncut top, he is known for his devilish smile, curved penis, and passion for twinks. At one time he was romantically linked with another porn star, Colby Taylor. His films include "Down Austin Lane", "Untamed", and "Paradise Found". Phoenix is a 5' 8" tall Latino. He claims to have a 10 ½ inch uncut cock, though it's probably 9 inches.

"Dean is my middle name and Phoenix comes from my childhood idol, River Phoenix, who had intrigued me always. I kind of see myself in him...yeah, that too."

"I'm a litterbug. I'm quiet."

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* Devin Moss is a slim gay twink, an 18-year-old exclusive for CitiBoyz studio who discovered him on He is 5' 10" tall and at age 16 moved from Nashville to Kentucky. His thick uncut cock about 8 or 9 inches long won him the 2008 Grabby award for best uncut cock. Devin has worked for numerous studios such as Colt, and uses the name Jamie when he works for Corbin Fisher. His films include: "Lucky Dreams", "Ten Pound Tube Steak", "Barrett Long's XXX Amateur Hour 13", "The Porne Identity", "Citi Boyz 53: Fuckin' Around", "Citi Boyz 52: Gettin' Off!", "Citi Boyz 50: Fuck It!", "Citi Boyz 49: Tight Ass Twinks", "Citi Boyz 48: XXX Communicated", and "Citi Boyz 46: Up and Cummin". Here is a free link to a Devin Moss video:

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* Dick Masters was a white gay pornographic actor with a 9 inch cut cock, claimed to be 12 inches when hard. His porn career began in 1989 and he always topped. The six-footer's films include "Ten is Enough", "Straight Up", and "Size Talks". Born in September 1964 in Texas, he died of spinal cancer April 27, 1990. Here is a free link to a Dick Masters video:

* Dick Masters is a a black porn actor, model, stripper and escort who sort of uses the names Big Dick Masters and Lieutenant Dick Masters. Born in North Carolina, USA, he is 6' tall, weighs 160 pounds, and has a thick 9 inch uncut dick that looks pumped. His films include "The Athletic Supporter". Nick Masters is his brother. For a private "date", just phone (561) 693-2534 or go to

"I believe that the first time that I realized that I might have a career as a porn star was when I met a fantastic real XXX actor named Rex Chandler in Fort Lauderdale. He was really kind to me and oh so sexy. I wanted to do what he was doing."

"For the raunchy films that I did for my own company, all I had to do was think of how I wanted the big cocks to look on film and that was all he wrote. I kept my mind on the money."

"Most of the scenes that I have seen with black men in them never seem to capture that dark and forceful quality that I believe only a black man can give."

"I have been getting strange feelings as I have gotten a little older but wiser. I really feel like I want a child in my life, a little girl or boy to pass my good life to, "Strange, ain't it?" I plan to make the company grow and to continue producing XXX films, so if there are any guys out there want a big dick up their asses or want to stuff, just write me via email and you might be on the receiving end of a big career. I love to receive mail and fan stuff. Gold is accepted."

* Dick Nasty was born October 31, 1956 in London, England. He is a straight British porn actor. His real name is Richard Sheed and he is 5' 11" tall, and weighs 185 pounds. He has acted in 1432 films and has directed 20. His films include "1 Lucky Fuck", "Abuse of Power", and "Broken Vows". Nasty has a 7 ½ inch uncut cock.

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* Dick Rambone was a pornographic actor in straight and gay porn films in the 1980's. He has a gigantic thick cut cock over 10 inches long, one of the biggest in the business. Rambone is 5' 10" tall, weighs 180 pounds, and was born July 14, 1957. The Italian stallion made 29 porn flicks and retired in 1987. His films include "Angels of Mercy", "Doctor Penetration", "Hot Shots #2", and "Rambone the Destroyer". Here is a free link to a Dick Rambone video:

* Diggforfire is an amateur gay porn star on the internet's Cam4, where he makes regular appearances. He is 30 years old, 6' 4" tall, blond, and lives in London. Sometimes he has a beard, sometimes not. His uncut cock is 9 inches long and he always puts on a great show, usually coming several times. Here is a free link to one of his videos:

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* Donny Long was born Donald Carlos Seoane on February 15, 1980 in Miami, Florida. He is 6 feet (183 cm) tall, weighs 175 pounds (80 kg), and his thick cut cock is about 9 inches long. Donny was a straight porn actor and director starting in 2005 but retired in 2009 and now is infamous for his internet Porn Wiki Leaks, a website dedicated to spreading gossip about faggots, whores, and Jews in the porn industry. He wrote: "The gays that work in untested gay porn that have spread HIV in the straight business countless times and ruined porn are now under attack by this Porn Wiki Leaks website and I don't feel bad for them one bit... The straight porn business has changed a lot and not for the better and hopefully one day it will get cleaned up and get the scumbags and gays out for good." His intent is "to get the gays out of straight porn and illegal gay pimps that have ruined porn." Donny Long's films include: "18 And Easy", "8 Simple Rules", "American Heroes", "Mya Luanna's Sexual Disorder", "Nasty Hardcore Latinas", "New Whore At The Door", "North Pole 81", "Orgy Sex Parties" (1 to 3), and "Perversions Unleashed". Here is a free link to a Donny Long video:

"I am famous porn star and director Donny Long and own and run the site. I have been in over 1000 movies in 4 years and directed over 500 movies for my own company in one year. I sold everything and I am now retired running my adult job site where you can find many many porn peeps of the talent pool and people from the business side including directors, photographers and many more."

"Just wanted to let everyone know I am doing great living my retired life and have not been online and or reading the drama for a while but I just checked some sites and had a laugh reading about another fag spreading HIV in straight porn and had a bigger laugh watching all the failures and low life’s still throwing shit at each other on the net. Glad to see a lot of people miss me and are still talking about me on there sites and video blogs hahahaha. PFFFFF some people will just never learn I guess! BY THE WAY I ALWAYS WIN!"

"My life and families life and well being are being illegally threatened by the gay mafia in porn after my life in porn. After 5 years of being in porn and quitting over 2 years ago to move on with my life the scumbags in the porn industry continue to stalk and harass me and threaten my life. I have been in contact with many Law enforcement agencies including the FBI and the attacking continue. I am going to post some screen shots and quotes of the threats I have been receiving that have not stopped and to be honest they don't worry me but they need to be public so hopefully law enforcement can do there job and arrest these people."

* Dougielongfellow is a young white man on the internet's with a very thick cock that is 11 inches long. There is a photo of him measuring it. He is 6' 1" and weighs 225 pounds. His six videos have these titles: "Dick around My Wrist", "Knock!!Knock!!!", "Cable Remote Comparison", "Helicopter Dick", "Helicopter Dick 2", and "Dick Ups". In the last one he moves his hard cock up and down repeatedly without touching it. In the "Helicopter Dick" videos it's much the same thing, but his cock moves in a circular motion. Here is a link to the "Helicopter Dick" clip:

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* Drew Brody is a black porn star who is 25 years old, 5' 9", and weighs 150 pounds. He has a thick and uncut dick 10 inches long. Brody has appeared on a number of UK gay porn websites including Blake Mason, English Lads, Brit Blokes, UK Naked Men, Bad Puppy and Sports Lads. He also appeared alongside Matt Hughes in the Rudeboiz's porn DVD entitled "Hung Ladz XXL". Here is a free link to a Drew Brody video:

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* Eawr3 is a young latino or arab man who has webcam videos on the internet of himself in solo situations. His cut cock is enormous, extremely thick and over 10 inches long. He uses other names, and Eawr3 titles his videos "13-inch" and "too fuckin big to handle". Eawr3 is all over the internet on sites that provide short clips for free. Here is a free clip to a Earwr3 video:

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* Ed Wiley was born Dan Wesling in the USA. He was a big Falcon and Colt Studios gay porn star of the 1980's, a moustachioed hunk 6 feet tall who weighed 160 pounds with a hairy chest. Best known for his impressive 9 to 10 inch cut cock, he began his porn career in 1977 and also escorted. In a 1982 Escort Review magazine he advertised his rates as $75 per session. Ed Wiley's gay porn films include: "Man Hunt", "Pier Groups", "Head Trips", "Prowlers", "Dune Buddies", "A Night at the Adonis", "Rough Trades", "Stud Struck", "Head Trips", "Bedtime Story", "California Boys", "Killing Me Softly", "Centurions of Rome", "Dirt Bikes", "Ramcharger", "Someone's Watching", and "Ticket Home". Here is a free link to an Ed Wiley video:

* Eric Everhard was born December 2, 1976 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His real name is Mitch Hartwell. He is 5' 10" tall. weighs 175 pounds, and is of Ukrainian ancestry. His cock is 7 to 8 inches long. In 1999 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry. Everhard has appeared in over 1100 straight porn movies, and directed more than 100, most of them for Anabolic Video. He began directing videos for Anabolic and Diabolic Video in 2001. In a 2002 interview Everhard attributed his career choice not to financial gain but to sexual enjoyment, saying he regularly enjoys sex and masturbation off camera. In 2003 he landed a distribution deal with Redlight District. In 2005 Everhard left Redlight, suing the company for breach of contract, conversion, claim and delivery and accounting. He won the suit and was then hired by Evil Angel Video. After shooting several films with Evil Angel, Everhard returned to work with Jules Jordan. Known for gonzo porn films, the titles include: "Buttman's Evil Live", "California Calendar Girls 1 & 3". "Can Buy Me Love", "Candy World", "Carmen Goes To College", "Carnal Secrets", "Carnival Orgy", and "Center Of Sex". Here is a free link to a Eric Everhard video:

* Eric Hanson is a hunky porn star from New Jersey with a 7 inch cut cock who stands about 5' 11" tall. He made pornos as a gay top from about 1997 to 2001, before retiring to sell real estate. Hanson was a Falcon Studios Exclusive and Falcon also sells the "Eric Hanson Supercock", a dildo marketed as a "life-size replica of his memorable cock". There are free Eric Hanson videos on the internet and his gay porn films include: "The Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony", "Sex in the City", "The Size of It", "French Connections Part 1", "Summer Reunion", "California Kings", "The Freshmen", "Hot Wheels", "Mercury Rising", and "Rock Solid".

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* Erik Rhodes is an American gay porn actor who works exclusively for Falcon Studios. He was born February 8, 1982 on Long Island, NY. Rhodes is 6' 3" tall, weighs 230 pounds, and has a 9 ½ inch uncut cock. He has a twin brother who is straight. For many years Erik trained to be a professional baseball pitcher. It all started for Erik when he was stripping in Long Island at a club called Fantasy, where he was discovered. This led to his true homosexual feelings, so he left his girlfriend of four years for a career in gay porn. His films include "Flesh", "Super Soaked", "Flex", "Driver", "Ivy League", and "Dare". Here is a free link to an Erik Rhodes video:

"My siblings know. My parents don't. My twin brother is straight but he supports me because I pay most of his bills."

"I'm afraid of snakes and spiders and cross dressers in San Francisco."

* F. M. Bradley is a black American porn actor born on December 8, 1953. He is 6' 4" tall, weighs 220 pounds, and has a 9 inch dick. He made straight adult films from 1984 - 1999 such as "Black Dynasty", "Sweet Chocolate", and "Humongous Squirting".

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* Flaco is a Latino porn star with a thick uncut cock about 10 inches long. It has a curve. He appeared in magazines and movies from 1991 to 2007. His movies include: "Foreskin Fiesta", "Abduction in Spanish Harlem", "Hispanic Heaven", "Black Buddies", "Black Jocks And Spanish Cocks", "Harlem Hardons", "Horse-Hung Hispanics 6", "Jerk Masters", "Latin Screen Test", "Rough Trade", "Spanish Sausage Factory", and "Sweat And Salsa". Now there are a few Flacos in the porn business.

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* Flash Brown (aka Flash Murrow) was born January 17, 1981 in Memphis, Tennessee. He is 6' 6" tall, weighs 230 pounds, and has some tattoos. He is a black straight porn star with a thick cut dick about 10 inches long, which is supposedly 11 inches long. Flash is a friendly bald basketball player who started in the porn industry in 2010. His films include: "Austin XXX Posed", "Black in My Ass", "Blacks on Cougars 9", "Cougars Take It Black", "Dark Fantasy", "Monster Wet Anal Asses", "My Black Fantasy", "Race Relations"" (1, 2 & 4), and "Sex Drive". Here is a free link to a straight Flash Brown video:
Here is a free link to a solo Flash Brown video:

* Francesco D'Macho is an Italian gay porn actor born January 29, 1979 in Rome. He is 6 feet tall, weighs 210 pounds, and has a 7 inch cock. His films include "Wood Work", "Tough Stuff", "Communion", and "Private Lowlife". Currently he lives in Madrid.

"One of my best friends, also in the porn industry, sent a few pictures of me around to well-known companies like Hot House and got a very good response. So I thought to myself, "What the fuck; let’s give it a try." The thing that scared me a little was that it all happened really fast, without having the chance to think it through. About 10 days later, I was on a plane, ready for my first scene. I didn’t know what to expect, but I ended up having one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."

"I went to do my first movie being booked for one scene only. Since I’d never been in front of a camera before, the guys at Hot House wanted to see how I’d react to everything first. Well, I ended up getting in two scenes and on the cover too! When director Steven offered me an exclusive deal to perform for them, I was overwhelmed."
"Let's just say that the first time I enjoyed sex was definitely with a boy. (Laughing) 19."
"Retire, are you crazy? I have a million projects for the future and they are all in the porn industry!"

* Francois Sagat is a French model and porn actor who appears in gay and bi films. He was born June 5, 1979 in Cognac, Charente. Sagat is 5' 9" tall, weighs 182 pounds and has a shaved head with a scalp tattoo. His films include "Funhouse", "Stretch", "Folsom Leather", and "Manhattan". He has an uncut cock over 7 inches long.

"Being a porn actor, people always think you’ve seen too much, you have done too much, you know everything, you're bored with everything and you need something extraordinary. That is wrong. I just need simplicity. My personal life, in my neighborhood didn’t change at all. My days are still the same days. The same food to buy, etc... almost the same money too (laughs). My sexual life has gotten a bit more complicated because I can not see the truth with everyone who wants to know me... if it’s by interest in me as a person or not."

* Frank James (aka Frank Dawry, Scott James, Frank Acade, Frank Janes, Frank Allan) was a straight porn star from 1977 to 1996 and a director from 1989 to 1991. He has a thick 8 inch uncut cock and can shoot his load amazing distances. His films include: "Christy Canyon The Lost Footage", "Watermelon Babes", "Asian Sluts In The 1970's", "Trinity's Titanic Tits", "Deep Throat The Quest # 3", "Swedish Erotica 20", "Sensuous Moments", "Erotic World of Sylvia Benedict", "Hot Spa", and "The Erotic World Of Sunny Day".

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* Frank Major was born in Budapest, Hungary on October 3, 1970. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 190 pounds. Frank is a bodybuilder, personal trainer, film director, and straight porn star who has made 279 films since 1998. His thick uncut cock is about 9 inches long. He has used the names Frank Mayor, Ferenc Gabor, Ferenz, Frank M., Frank Meyer, Mark Harris, Ferenc Major, Franco Terenzi, and Frank Mayer. His films include "Assman 28", "Baby Loves A Big Dick", "Best Of Threesomes With Big Boob Girls", "Big and Natural Tits", "Big Babies in Budapest 3", "Network Private", "Open Air Pleasure", "Ospizio della Vergogna", "Ossessione", "Pathos", and "Pickup Lines 44". Here is a free link to a Frank Major video:

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* Frank Shaft is a black American porn star. He is an ex NFL player, 6 feet tall, weighs 230 pounds, and has a massive dick that is 9 inches long and 7 inches around. Shaft performs in mostly straight porn films, some gay erotica, and has been on the covers of magazines such as Black inches, using the name Richard Jordan. He also has solo jerk off videos available. Some of his titles are "A1 Straight Studs #2", "Cowboy Rides Again", and "Filthy First Timers" (4 & 8). Shaft also
escorts. Here is a free link to a straight Frank Shaft video:
Here is a free link to a Frank Shaft solo video:

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* Frankie is a horse hung Latino versatile gay, mostly a top, on He is a young, cute and has a thick uncut cock 9 to 10 inches long. He was born in 1989 and now lives in Los Angeles.

* Gianfranco is a male pornographic actor who appeared in gay pornographic movies in the mid 1990s. He is Middle Eastern in descent, with a hairy chest and a "large" cock. His films include "The Roommate", "Hot Properties", "Squeeze", and "Riptide!". By late 1997 he had basically left porn and worked as an exotic dancer and masseur/escort in LA.

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* Giorgio Canali (aka Rocco Rizzoli) was a handsome Italian stud who was 5' 10" tall with dark hair and brown eyes. He appeared in gay porn movies and magazines from 1981 to 1985 as a versatile top who sometimes was a bottom. His uncut cock was about 7 inches long, although there are claims that it was "an extremely thick 9 inch uncut cock". He worked for Colt Studios, Catalina Video Distributors, Falcon, HIS, Buckshot, Laguna Pacific, and Bijou Video. Canali's gay porn films include: "Locker Room Fever", "Skin Deep", "These Bases Are Loaded", "Malibu Days, Big Bear Nights", "The Best Little Warehouse in LA", "Brothers Should Do It", "Bareback Classics", "Class Reunion", "Wild Young Fuckers", "Games", "Members Only", "One in a Billion", "The Other Side of Aspen 2", and "Splash Shots". There are quite a few of his videos on the internet for free, including Giorgio with Gunner Hyde, Nick Rogers, Tony Bravo, Jon King, and also Mark Rutter. Canali sometimes appears in straight pornography as Rocco Rizzoli. Here is a free link to a Giorgio Canali video:

* Glenn Steers (aka Glen Steers and Rick Sommers) was born October 3, 1958 in Detroit, Michigan. He died Saturday, September 17, 1994 in Bratislava, Slovakia of complications from AIDS. Born in the USA but brought up in England, Steers was a gay male model and pornographic actor who was hairy, muscular, and moustachioed, with short hair and a thick 8 inch cut cock. He appeared in gay porn magaziines "COLT", "Mandate", "Inches", and "Manshots". As a "COLT Man" Steers typically sported the Castro Street Clone look popularized in the gay world in the 1970's. He made most of his films in the 1980's and usually was a top. For his film "One in a Billion" he was directed by gay porn legend Al Parker. His other movies include: "Big Bang", "The Company We Keep", "Hot Splice", "Good Hot Stuff", "Hayfever", "Hard to Come By", "The Elevator", "Rimshot", "Stiff Competition", and "Triple Treat".

* Gregor Samsa (aka Gregor Sampsa) was a straight porn star from 1989 to 1995. He has a hairy chest and his cock is 9 inches long. His movies include: "Assuming The Position", "Back to Nature", "Backdoor To Hollywood 10", "Belle of the Ball", "Boobs Butts And Bloopers", "Breast Side Story", "Deep Throat 4", "Devil In The Blue Dress", and "End Of Innocence". Supposedly as Scott Wainwright he performs in "Heavenly Hyapatia".

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* Gunner is an American porn star who was born on March 17, 1980 in Jena, Louisiana. He is 5' 11", weighs 145 pounds, and says, "They sure don't call me "Gunner" for my arm size! I picked up the name back in junior high school cause of my Big Monster Dick!" It's about 10 inches long and uncut. The girth is about average, except when he uses a vacuum pump (often) and then it is very thick. He started his own website ( about 10 years ago because he says, " I had a couple of pixxx on another site and it was getting hit hard...and too many times for the site owner to handle...What started off as a way my buddies and I could meet people, quickly turned into a documentary for Big Dick XXXposing for us and a place where thousands of dudes from around the world have come to show it off! GunnerWorld has grown into a phenomena and is home to the Biggest Dick Dudes in the world! With over 140,000 visitors a day and 36,000 members, we must be giving them what they came for...Thousands of Gay, straight and Bi dudes with XXXX-Large Fuck Poles who like to show you what they can and will do with them! No digitally enhanced Cocks here, with over 4,000 videos and 70,000 images to prove it!" Gunner currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here is a link to a video clip of Gunner:

"I'm Bi. Even though the bi thang is all new to me, I'm getting the hang of it fast! I pretty much just fucked chicks up until last year when I was hanging out with my buddies at this party we all went to! I got pretty drunk and we all started doing the usual drinking games, dropping trousers and pissing out back on the lawn! Well when I went to take a piss one of my buds was telling this chick at the party that I have a big dick and that she should ask to see it, this is a game we play to get a chick, you know you then ask them if they want to touch it! So as I'm taking a leak he hooks up the palm recorder, that's hooked up to the TV and everyone is now watching my dick on the screen! As it got to be about 2 a.m. I'm upstairs sitting on the bed and this guy one of my buddies invited to the party comes in and he acts like nothings up. He sits on the bed. I saw this guy earlier checking me out but I didn't think anything about it and he asks "Do girls like to get fucked with a big dick like yours and can they take it all?" He then asks me "Can I take a look at it?" We go into the bathroom and then he asks "Can I touch it?" The rest you can figure out! To tell you the truth it was some of the best head I ever got! I guess that game works on guys to?"

"It's pretty damn big! You know it's big when guys come up to you at the gym and say "I'm not gay or anything like that but I can't stop staring at your crotch or when guys ask to look at it and ask me questions like how I use it! You know it's big when total strangers, girls and guys at a party come up to you and say I heard you have this huge dick! It doesn't bother me at all, it's something that I'm use to and I like showing it off everywhere I go, I'm crazy like that! To get to the answer it's a good 12" x 7"! By junior high not only did the school know about it but the teachers found out. I hated gym class cause all the guys lingered around to get a look and I didn't even have hair down there yet! When I was 12 I took a ruler to it and measured it for the first time. I measured 6 to 7 inches soft and 12" hard! At that time I thought one inch for each year but it stopped growing after that! Here I was at 12 with this 12 inch monster in my pants! I started experimenting with it a lot! Now I charge the bastard rent!"

"My buddies and I have always been exhibitionists! I got over everybody being freaked out about the size of my dick or talking about it and found out my friends are pretty hung too. I guess like Amy (a friend & photographer) said, " It must be in the drinking water." In 8th grade I remember my friends dared me to pull out my dick in the cafeteria, so I did. That's how it got started! No lie, we use to pull our dicks out right under our desks and jerk off in class! No one even noticed! We really got into it. Man, we would ride our skate boards and pull our shit out while we would be cruising down the street! So I told my buds that I put some pixxx up on a personal on the web and got about 120 responses in 6 hours! I got a lot of dates out of those pixxx. The site I had them on was getting hit hard and too many times for the owner to handle, so I decided to put up my own page. My buds wanted to join me right after that and here we are, all day and all night long! My web page has been turning into a documentary for our big dick xxxposing. Now I'm finding new ways to top the last things I've done!"

* Hal Rockland is a former American pornographic actor who appeared primarily in gay pornographic movies. He was born in Darmstadt, Germany and has a 9 inch uncut cock. His older brothers Vince and Shane Rockland also joined the porn industry. All 3 appear in the 1996 gay film "Three Brothers", but do not have sex with each other. Other films include "The Backroom", "By Invitation Only", and "The Renegade". Hal is married and living in Colorado with 2 children. I'm sure his entire family enjoys watching his gay porn flicks.

* Hans Adler (aka Fero, Bebe) is a Czech porn actor 6 feet tall who weighs 165 pounds. As Fero, he first appeared in Bel Ami's "XL Files #1" with one of the thickest cock in the series, uncut and about 9 inches long. It was his audition performance and he never did another official Bel Ami video. However, in 2002 Bel Ami released a film shoot with Fero, Antonin Devos (Michael Berg), and Daniel Avedon--called Pavel in the XL Files. It is included in a Bel Ami "Personal Trainers" DVD. Pavel worked as a model and sometimes as photographer for Bel Ami, so he assists in the set-up for the shoot and then joins the two performers in the movie. The off-screen voice is that of former Bel Ami model Martin Valko, who became the main videographer/director of the company. As Bebe, Adler worked for William Higgins in Prague and Higgins still offers quite a few solo, photosets and videos of him on his internet website. There is also Higgins material of Bebe on Adler also appears in "101 Men #5" and "Out at Last 3: Cocktails". He looks decent, but awkward and not cute like most other Bel Ami models. Here is a free link to a video clip with Hans Adler
, Antonin Devos (Michael Berg), and Daniel Avedon:

* Harry Reems is the stage name of a US theater and adult film actor, born Herbert Streicher to a Jewish family in Bronx, New York on August 27, 1947. He converted to Christianity. Reems is one of the most famous male porn stars because he stars in "Deep Throat" (1972). This led to his arrest in 1974 by the FBI on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute obscenity across state lines. He was convicted in April 1976 with 11 others and 4 corporations. On appeal it was overturned. He also appears in another classic film, "The Devil in Miss Jones" (1973). Others include "Honky Tonk Angels", "Oriental Jade", and "Tower of Power". In his 1975 memoir "Here Comes Harry Reems" he mentions that he had sex with the underage Traci Lords on film. Harry Reems' lowest salary was $800 for "Deep Throat" and his highest salary was $75,000 for "Society Affairs". His cut cock is about 7 inches long.

"After Deep Throat’s fame I did a few more porno movies, but instead of getting 100 bucks like all of the others I was getting 3, 4, 5 thousand a day. They just wanted my name on the poster and theatre marquees."

"I came home for a couple of weeks to do my laundry, say hello to friends, before I started another movie in Rome and I got arrested for "Deep Throat". The FBI came to my door in the middle of the night, handcuffed me, and took me to the New York courts. They told me to waive extradition, that I'm going to Memphis, Tennessee to stand trial for distributing a movie. I had three or four warrants out for me."

"I was told by Alan Dershowitz, who is a law professor up at Harvard, that if the Republicans were re-elected I'm going to jail but if the Democrats get into office I'd be Scott-free."

"This was the infancy of the industry. There were a lot of rough people around."

"All this evidence about murder, and under the conspiracy laws, I'm responsible for this stuff. All the tax evasion, all the murders, all the beatings, I'm responsible for all this stuff. I'm the only artist ever, good or bad, of any kind, to be prosecuted by the Federal Government."

"There were 9 defendants, me and 8 Mafiosos, members of the Colombo family. There was evidence that they had an inside informant, he ended up murdered, they found his car with 2 bloody fingers."

"The director Jerry Damiano sat on trial, sat on the witness chair and pointed and said, "Yeah, that's the guy who had sex in my movie" and he was let go. Same with Linda Lovelace, "That's the guy I had sex with in the movie Deep Throat."

"I was the defendant, they were witnesses, it makes no sense. Linda Lovelace and Gerry Damiano were witnesses for the government. They were granted immunity. I was not. They took the stand, pointed at me and said "Yes, that's the guy."

"Because then, legal minds outside of the adult-film industry were outraged, and the so-called "legitimate" people that came to my defense (Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Dick Cavett, Gregory Peck, Shirley MacLaine, etc.) were enough to stop them."

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* Honza Rud is a young handsome straight Czech porn actor and model who does solo and gay videos. He is 5' 11" tall, weighs 160 pounds, with short blond hair, and an impressive 9 ½ inch uncut cock. Honza is an Economist, loves to travel and eat pasta, his favorite movie is "The Cider House Rules", and his goal in life is to achieve something special. Good character turns him on and vanity turns him off. Starting with Bel Ami in 2004, he has appeared in "XL Files # 3", "Total Package", "Boy Ride", "Trophy Studs", "Czech Mates #1", and "Czech Sessions #5 & #6". He also uses the name Anton Florian. Here is a free link to a Honza Rud video:

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* Ian Scott is a French straight porn star born February 6, 1973. He is 6' 1" tall, weighs 165 pounds, is handsome with an athletic sinewy body, and supposedly has a thick uncut cock 10 inches long (26 cm). It looks more like 8 to 9 inches. Scott fucks deeply and vigorously, always goes gonzo for a deep accommodating rear, and he frequently works in group scenes. Not only does he participate in regular double penetration, but also does same hole doubles. Both must be seen to be believed. The thickness of his cock means that he only gets head, and the length has been too much for some petite and squeamish starlets. Scott began his career in pornography in 1998 at age 25 in a film by Patrice Cabanel. He started out with multiple shoots in France and Italy for John B. Root, Marc Dorcel and Private Gold collection. His career took off in 2000 when he played one of the rapists in the controversial film "Baise-moi" by Virginie Despentes. The same year was the first time he was directed by Fred Coppula in "Niquers-nés". Then he appeared in "Max, portrait d'un sérial niqueur", a fake documentary in which he plays the lead role. The next year he wrote and directed "Max 2" and in 2006 and 2007 he did "Max 3". In "La Collectionneuse" Clara Morgane and her boyfriend Greg Centauro appear with Ian Scott. Starting in 2001 Ian Scott also started to regularly work for American productions. In January 2005, he was arrested by the police in Panama, along with German Jorge Jopke (Jay Jay), and Czech Patrik Jabka (Wein Lewis), while shooting "Tits and Ass 8" for the American producer Fred Salaff. He was released in July 2005. Ian Scott is married with two children, is still active, and has appeared in more than 200 films. He participates in triathlons and downhill Mountain Bike races. His other films include: "18 Year Old Pussy 5", "Amsterdam X", " Anal Intensive 1, 2, 3, 7, 8", "Anal Overdrive", "Anal Thrills", "Around The World In Seven Days", "Au plus profond de Cécilia Dorcel Airlines: Flight to Ibiza", "Campeuses à la ferme", "Testament", and "Putain de Week-end". Here is a free link to an Ian Scott video:

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* Ice Cold is a straight black porn star born July 24, 1981 in the USA. He is 5' 8" tall and weighs 160 pounds. His thick uncut dick is about 9 or 10 inches long and he has great cum shots. Ice Cold started in the industry in 2007 and has worked for Bang Brothers, West Coast Productions, Jules Jordan Video and others. His films include: "4 in da' Ho 1", "Anal Acrobats 6", "Obsessions", "Oil Dat Big Ass Up", "Orgasmic Oralists", and "Phat Black Anal Orgy". Here is a free link to one of his videos:

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* Igor is a tall, muscular and handsome straight Russian man who does mostly gay videos on the internet. His thick uncut cock looks about 9 to 10 inches long. He was "Hector" for Berlin Male, and now is Igor for In one of his Machofucker videos he says in a thick accent he is bi and prefers women to men. He is married with two kids, his wife knows and is fine with him having sex with guys. His cock size is 22 cm long by 16 cm thick, which translates as 8.6 inches long by 6.3 inches thick. Igor escorts and is on webcam sites such as Cam4 occasionally, sometimes with his wife. Here is a free link to a video with Igor:

* Ion Davidov (a.k.a. Pieter Gierek) is a Romanian-born gay porn model who appears in many Eastern European productions, particularly those of Bel Ami. He is best-known for his appearances in "Frisky Summer" and "Lucky Lukas". Davidov has a lean, muscular body and a larger-than-average 7 inch cock.

"I don't think I met any homosexuals in Romania, because it was illegal and dangerous for anyone to reveal himself. But the first one I remember meeting was in Budapest. Until May, 1988 it was illegal to be homosexual, and you could be jailed for it. Also, pornography was illegal until last year. It was a holdover from the Ceausescu time, which was very repressive."

"I was free all the time. Nobody was looking for me like, "What are you doing now?" So, I was free. We went almost every day to the discotheque--we partied almost every day."

"It was a huge episode in a public bathhouse with many models. I was really just an extra in that scene. Kristen asked me if I would suck cock--if not, someone would suck me. And I said, "No, I don't suck anyone. Just if they suck me, it's okay. If not, I don't work." And he said, "Okay." And this was my first film experience."

"I think sex is the most important thing in the world... I think sex is the most important thing in every relationship. Fucking is my favorite thing. I don't have problems with my erections, so if I have to fuck, I fuck. If I have to get sucked, I get sucked. It's fun."

"It's easiest when my partner and I have some shared interests."

* Irvine2004fr is a 20 year old straight student in Rennes, France. He is on Cam4 occasionally to show off his very thick uncut cock that is 25 cm long (almost 10 inches). There are a few videos of Irvine on the internet.

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